Poetry in Positioning


Paolo Galetto is an illustrator and painter, based in Turin, specialising in watercolour on paper. His designs and illustrations triggered Selvaggia Alazraki’s imagination in her long time quest to partner with an illustrator who could bring her cushions to life in the form of artwork that would inspire powerfully in the same way she hopes her cushions can bring an impactful pause to people’s lives. Selvaggia commissioned Paolo to design a series of illustrations to evoke a colourful, romantic storytelling of how to marry design with wellbeing.

The lines often present in the artwork are created with watercolours, and rise and float around the figures which speak to the energy that comes and goes when we learn to pause and be in silence.

The partnership is ongoing: the pair are now working on a book of illustrations to be released in early 2021. 

Selvaggia Alazraki

SA Cushions culminated from realising a certain void between interior design and wellbeing. Her cushions fill the desire to have aesthetically pleasing and high quality decorative pillows, made from organic and natural materials in your home which also function as part of a your daily meditative or yoga routine.